Exterior Painting

As the adage says, “first impression lasts,” it also applies to the exterior of your house. Everyone loves to see a presentable home in any neighborhood.

That’s why Illusions Painting offers exterior painting services around the Monterey Bay Peninsula, as it’s the most effective way to protect your home and improve the appearance.

Learn how our services can help property owners like you.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Whether it’s a first coating or a repainting service, we are happy to provide exterior painting services around the area.

Before we start the painting process, we perform exterior painting preparation first. This way, we give you the best value for your investment.



In a nutshell, the preparation takes more time compared to the actual painting itself.

It includes removing the contaminants, washing the surface, making necessary repairs, removing peeling paint, sanding for adhesion and, and priming.

Illusions Painting also recommends the best quality paint for your individual project.

As experts, we say every hour we spend on prep days prolongs your exterior paintwork for years.

Exterior Painting Services

Getting the best exterior house paint in the Monterey Bay area protects your house against the elements.

The longer you let your house’s surfaces be exposed, the more expensive the repair cost becomes.

We recommend you not delay and paint your home as soon as it shows paint failure. Let Illusions Painting do its job to protect your home.

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Our team of experts knows how to apply the best exterior house paint for excellent value. We can also help you find a good schedule that fits your current situation.

Contact us, and let’s talk about your home’s details to provide you the best solution for your home!


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